We ran on Michiana soil.

We ran in lake effect snow.

Amidst the silence, the darkness,

we ran through mist and shadow.




Fourteen years of unconditional friendship,

filling our lives with joy.

Back and forth you went,

from rawhide to chew toy.




Through cloudy eyes was a full heart,

a soul, yearning for outdoor companionship.

Joining you for adventures,

I can think of no better kinship.




Now, as you lay in the soil you once patrolled,

your mind rests, a life fulfilled, despite.

One day, I will step out of the Darkness

and meet you in the Light.




Rest in Peace, Fritz-ey Boy.









Published by Nick Arndt

Runner of dirt, rocks, and pavement. Live/work/train in the Adirondack Mountains.

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