nickI run. Everything I do revolves around running in some form. However, I’d like to think there are other parts of my personality that are equally as interesting.

My passion and primary focus is mountain-ultra-trail racing. However, for personal record sake, I will compete in any distance from 1 mile to 100, on any surface. I enjoy the variety.

Personal Records

1mi: 4:21 (2013 – Valparaiso, IN)

2mi: 9:32 (2013 – Angola, IN)

5k: 15:51 (2012 – New Carlisle, IN)

10k: 33:31 (2015 – Niles, MI)

Half-Marathon: (split) 1:13:56 (2018 – Indianapolis, IN)

Marathon: 2:31:47 (2018 – Indianapolis, IN)

50k: (split) 3:16:16 (2018 – Kalamazoo, MI)

I’m 24, currently living in a painting, the mountain haven of the Adirondack High Peak region, a place where I’d previously only dreamt of living. I recently uprooted myself from my hometown of New Carlisle, Indiana, to Keene Valley, New York, specifically. Through my personal endeavors and the people I’ve met along the way (and a little bit of luck), I was able to make this dream a reality in November 2018. Along with running, my passions include but are not limited to: biking, skiing, brewing, living simply, and writing, among other things.

For work, since Spring 2016, I’d mainly been employed by Infusco Coffee Roasters (“Michigan’s Left Coast Roast”) in the “teeming metropolis” of Sawyer, Michigan, where I fell in love with the art of coffee and the business behind it. I hesitate to label such as “work”, as being ingratiated into the world of locally roasted coffee has been and will continue to be a blessing. I owe my daily curiosity and, thus, continual growth to the people who have been there to answer my questions, whether by osmosis or their selflessness. The raw amount of interpersonal connections I’ve made in 2.5 years is beyond count, for which I’m incredibly thankful for…

Presently, one can find me within the walls of Old Mountain Coffee Company, a brand new coffee joint, with a side of craft beer and in-house-prepared sandwiches, among a few other items. Old Mountain is located in the “Heart of the High Peaks”, Keene Valley, New York, on the west side of Route 73. Steven and Gabrielle Popp had the dream and, with a little luck and good timing, I climbed aboard. We are excited for what’s to come. One can follow our story on the social networks via @oldmtncoffee.

Career-wise, I’m a typical “not-sure-what-to-do-with-my-life-20-something-year-old”. However, through my pursuits, I’ve come to enjoy business, marketing, and sales, combining writing and community involvement, specifically within the coffee, beer, and recreational outdoor industries. I’d love to be able to combine these aspects and open my own business someday.

In 2016, I purchased a red 2005 Ford Ranger with a shell, and opted to use the back of the truck as a glorified bedroom, a mobile tent. Inspired by many “van/vehicle-dwellers” on the inter-webs, I set out to transform my set of wheels into a livable entity, as to efficiently access the nation’s most inspiring mountains and trails to train for upcoming races. By experience, I’ve learned to not only appreciate the obvious geographic pleasures, but soak in the small town charm that goes easily unnoticed on my travels.

What I truly love is sipping inexpensive, bottomless, mediocre coffee from a Northwoods diner or Adirondack cafe, soaking up the good pleasure of being young and free as I contemplate and prepare for a painful day of exploration on the trails.

Through it all, I’m just trying to Be Like Water.


Cheers to many Adirondack summits and tasty beverages aplenty,

Nick Arndt (@nickolasarndt)

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