In the past, I’ve run my some of my best races/workouts while in the midst of running really low weekly mileage. I’ve had incredible sessions a few weeks removed from an injury or setback (planned or unplanned). Why the hell is that?!

Recently, I ran an 8mi tempo workout on the treadmill and, after many weeks of solid mileage, it felt much more difficult to maintain 5:27/mi pace than it did 11 months ago. I’m way more fit than I was, but my heart rate was higher this time around. Everything felt more difficult. Maybe, it’s because the body is using some blood to recover from the previous day’s workload which makes less available blood for the current work output. I dunno. Maybe I’m plateauing or becoming stagnant. Hopefully, motivation will keep rising and fitness will follow suit.

Snapshot of workout:

15%…15/100 = 0.15…60/4.5mph = 13:20pace (for 10min) = 0.75mi…0.15 x 0.75mi = 0.1125mi vert…x 5280 = 594ft

14%…14/100 = 0.14…60/4.6mph = 13:02pace (for 9min) = 0.69mi…0.14 x 0.69mi = 0.0966mi vert…x 5280 = 510ft

13%…13/100 = 0.13…60/4.7mph = 12:45pace (for 8min) = 0.63mi…0.13 x 0.63mi = 0.0819mi vert…x 5280 = 432ft

12%…12/100 = 0.12…60/4.8mph = 12:30pace (for 7min) = 0.56mi…0.12 x 0.56mi = 0.0672mi vert…x 5280 = 355ft

11%…11/100 = 0.11…60/5mph = 12:00pace (for 6min) = 0.5mi…0.11 x 0.5mi = 0.055mi vert…x 5280 = 290ft

10%…10/100 = 0.1…60/6mph = 10:00pace (for 5min) = 0.5mi…0.1 x 0.5mi = 0.05mi vert…x 5280 = 264ft

9%…9/100 = 0.09…60/7mph = 8:34pace (for 4min) = 0.47mi…0.09 x 0.47mi = 0.0423mi vert…x 5280 = 223ft

8%…8/100 = 0.08…60/8mph = 7:30pace (for 3min) = 0.4mi…0.08 x 0.4mi = 0.032mi vert…x 5280 = 169ft

7%…7/100 = 0.07…60/8.5mph = 7:03pace (for 2min) = 0.28mi…0.07 x 0.28mi = 0.0196mi vert…x 5280 = 103ft

6%…6/100 = 0.06…60/9.5mph = 6:18pace (for 1min) = 0.16mi…0.06 x 0.16mi = 0.0096mi vert…x 5280 = 51ft

Total Elevation Gain = 2,991ft (which would be about 21k’ per week average)

All in all, I wasn’t trying to hit this workout outta the park. I was just trying to get on first base. My AVG HR was 145 (MAX HR was 163), right in a solid fat burning zone, positively improving the efficiency of the mitochondria. Hell of a leg workout, though! I’m trying to build my climbing legs for ultra trail races next year. Just some good honest work.

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