photos by Gabrielle Galbraith (@whirlinggirl) and Patrick Zelko (@pzelko)

Since the 8th grade (2008), I’ve meticulously written my own training regimens for the upcoming seasons of racing. I’ve always been a student of the sport, from reading Running Times magazine articles at age 13 during school lunches, perusing over the training books of Dr. Jack Daniels, among other things. Through trial and error, I’ve had lots of practice at conjuring up sustainable approaches to everything from high school cross country and track training, to local 5Ks, the mountains, and ultra running. Most of the time, these thoughts and schemes just bounce around in my head. However, I’d love to share my knowledge to others who could benefit from it.

Over the years, I’ve had people of all types reach out for guidance on their own running pursuits. If you are also inspired by the “simply complex” sport of running, with goals of being competitive or just for personal satisfaction, please reach out to me:

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