For about one whole year, every night before bed I would toss and turn in my sheets. My mind was always spinning. ADIRONDACKS.

I needed to move to the mountains and be immersed in their landscapes. I wanted to be wild and run many difficult miles, molding myself into a “wolf child” in the woods. But after three years, goals change and people change. I’ve met some amazing humans here in the Adirondacks, but my time here is ending.

It’s crazy. Doesn’t make sense. I sit here in a free apartment in downtown Keene Valley, with a steady job, and peaks dotting the skies in every direction. Trail-access is right out my front door. I have a solid group of friends, ones I can count on to push me to new levels, athletically and mentally. However, my mind now dreams and drifts back towards the Midwest, where I became “myself” sometime in 2016. I now dream of running in the heat and diving into the Lake upon completion. I dream of riding long hard rides on my bike, getting super fit, and racing fast like I know I can. I dream of using my truck bed as a camper again to visit and explore more of the Upper Peninsula, the first of the wild lands I’ve fallen in love with. I dream of expanding my career in the coffee industry, working with like-minded humans in an awesome environment. “Let’s build it together!” #Infusco

I dream of starting over.

I value human relationships a lot more now than a few years ago. I’ve taken a lot for granted. I’ve become lazy in certain aspects of my life. Life has certainly changed me.

Time flies. It’s a fickle thing.

When one door closes, another opens. It’s so true.

Time is the ultimate healer.

Motherfucker, I’ll be back from the dead soon.

Published by Nick Arndt

Running on dirt, rocks, and pavement in the Adirondack Mountains...

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