Week 22: May 28 – Jun. 3


  • OFF


  • Bike: 29mi, 1:28:26, 19.7mph


  • Hip Test – Still Not Right
  • BCA
  • AO2.5
  • 10:45am
  • Hip is sore
  • 1.3mi, 9:15 (6:39)
  • 82′


  • Bike: 32.9mi, 1:39:41, 19.8mph


  • OFF


  • OFF


  • OFF


  • Run Miles = 1.3mi
  • Run Time = 0h9m
  • Run Vert. = 82′
  • XT Time = 3h8m7s


  • Another week of shitty training. No consistency. Worked a shit ton and devoted my energies to the education and preparation of coffee, distributing, measuring, being meticulous in my approach as I talk, prepare, and sell the Bean. I don’t race until September at North Face WI so I’m not in a rush. Let’s make it a better week of training on the bike, including my neglected core/hip/glute work. Onwards.

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