WHY I RUN by Nick Arndt

Feeling the wind through my hair, breathing fresh air, building up sweat, contracting muscles, entire body moving, mind racing, thinking about life, changing pace, pushing limits, struggling for oxygen, lungs expanding and compressing, leg muscles bulging, arms swinging, feet striking…

Suffering in heat, dumping water on my head, spitting, developing blisters, holes in shoes, worn out shoes, rain, snow, cold, people can see me performing, crowd-pleasing, chanting, alone, in groups, solo, motivating others, facial expressions showing effort, pride, commitment, purpose, running for a cause, comfortable clothing and shoes, minimal gear, fitness, heart rate, running vs time, mad at the ground, health, more energy, endorphins, drugs, getting high, pain, glory, fame, the calm before the storm, no escaping the present, working under my own power…

Self-coached, born to run, born to move, failing, repeating, failing, repeating, failing, repeating, succeeding, fueling up, strong core, shaved legs, fast legs, headbands, short shorts, no shirt, motivated by song, emotions at the surface, lonely country road, surrounded by fields, crickets chirping, cars are my enemy, I race cars, wooded trail, peace, finding my way, improvement, pitch black run, early morning run, moonlit run, guided by light, dogs chasing me, me vs. the open, bad days, good days, the feeling after a run, live for it, die for it…


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