I’m a big dreamer and meticulous preparer. I apply a surplus of training methods to my regimen. I’m my own coach.


Mileage is customizable based on feel…however, if coming off a break or the end of a year, start the first week (first full week that includes Jan. 1) at 50mi. Then…

  1. Rise 10mi
  2. Maintain
  3. Rise 10mi
  4. Fall 20mi
  5. Previous Rise
  6. Maintain
  7. Rise 10mi
  8. Fall 20mi

For any race >2h, taper mileage on Race Week by 30% (round to nearest number ending in 5 or 0) of race’s previous week (but not lower than 50mi) and 30% of THAT number for the next week (but not lower than 35mi…20% and 20% for races <2h).

Rise 50%.

Rise 30mi. Then…

  1. Maintain
  2. Rise 10mi
  3. Fall 20mi

Step back weeks (including Race Week) = 75mi max

150mi = max weekly mileage

Doubles start @100mpw on non-workout days: 70% of daily mileage in Session 1 then the rest later

For FKTs, still decrease mileage by 30% for the week of the attempt but return to pre-FKT week mileage for the next week (no workouts). Then, rise 10mi. Fall 20mi.

After last race of season, maintain 50mi per week (no workouts, just additional XT) until end of year.


L = Long: 25% or 30% of mileage (40mi max)

  • Doomslayer: Long Run Surges
  • Brother Benajmin + Brother Hezekiah: Back-to-Back
  • Closure: Progressive Long Run
  • Delusion: Ultra Long Run
  • Penitence: Run-XT-Run
  • Mammoth: XT-Run-XT

H = Hills: 8% of mileage (8mi max)

  • Mr. Hyde: Treadmill Incline
  • Anger: Hill Repeats
  • Rage: Hill Cycle
  • Apathy: Quad-Shocker

T = Tempo: 8% of mileage (8mi max)

  • Broken Promises: Cruise Intervals
  • Yogi Borealis: Double Tempo Run
  • Retribution: Progressive Tempo Run

V = Velocity

  • Dystopia: Half-Time Fartlek
  • Distorter: Monoghetti Fartlek

M = Medium Long Run: 18% of mileage

S = Special

R = Race


Post-run strides: 4 x 30sec (effort-based)

WU/CD at least 0.5mi

For marathons – ultras, no WU/CD.

No Medium Long Run during a Back-to-Back week.

Combine my R + L day for marathon – ultras

XT on non-100mpw weeks, if not a Race Week: Tu/Th/Sa

On Race Week (half-marathon – ultra), do 1 other workout and no Medium Long Run or Long Run. Choose T over H. Choose H over V.

No workouts the week after a half-marathon – ultra.

Session 1 work cannot be “made up”. Session 2 and 3 work can.

Sessions can be done in any order if needed.

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