The Method to the Madness

Since the beginning of the 9th grade (2009), I’ve documented every workout (runs, mainly) in paperback training journals. It’s become a tradition for me. Some of the best moments each year come when I sit down with a calculator and a pencil and sketch out my training regimen for the upcoming season, outlining mileage, workouts, races, etc. If I am to hold myself accountable, things NEED to be in written form, neatly and with a purpose.

Over the years, I’ve been influenced by a number of coaches, scientists, writers, athletes, mentors, etc. Through research and inspiration, then trial and error (backed by some science), I’ve found what works best for me. VARITETY and CREATIVITY. Each season, however, the details continue to evolve, yet, the structure is mainly the same. HARD WORK. I love this variety and I think, along with an utterly dedicated soul, it’s what separates me from my competition. I believe there are no limits to what I can do with my body and, come Hell or high water, I will never stop my search to find out.

All in all, I’m a big dreamer and meticulous preparer. I apply a surplus of training methods to my regimen. Below, I share my structure and creativity, a “rulebook” that I often refer to:


Mileage is almost always imperfect. I’m no robot.

  • 50mi…
  • Rise 10mi
  • Rise 5mi
  • Fall 5mi
  • Rise 10mi
  • Rise 10mi
  • Fall 5mi

Long Run maximums:

  • >4h = 35mi
  • 2-4h = 30mi
  • 10k – Half-Marathon = 25mi
  • 1mi – 5k = 20mi

For post-race recovery, follow this general rule:

  • >4h = 5 days
  • 1h – 4h = 3 days
  • 1mi – 1h = none


L = Long: 25% or 30% of mileage (40mi max)

  • Steady Long Run
  • Long Run w/Surges
  • Back-to-Back Long Runs
  • Ultra Long Run
  • Run (50%) – XT – Run (50%)

H = Hills: 8% of mileage (8mi max)

  • Hill Cycle
  • Hill Reps
  • Mountain
  • Treadmill: 6x3min @8%

T = Tempo: 8% of mileage (8mi max)

  • Cruise Intervals
  • Double Tempo Run
  • Steady Tempo Run

V = Velocity

  • Sets: 2x200m + 400m
  • Half-Time Fartlek
  • Monoghetti Fartlek

M = Medium Long Run: 18% of mileage

S = Special

R = Race


On Race Week, give three days of rest before Race, doing a Cruise Interval workout early in the week.

Try to fuel yourself within your diet!

Wear HR monitor for P90X3, SAM/CORE, XT, and some run sessions.


(18-week Training Program by Jack Daniels):

Two Q sessions per week

6x20sec strides = 2x per week

No XT during marathon training block

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