FUMES and BOXES by Nick Arndt

The sun will soon rise above the shadows.

I close my eyes.

The wind blows.

Chills spread all over my body.

My thoughts spin.

As a fallen leaf takes multiple paths before reaching the ground,

so does the mind.

Peace must be reached.

The world stands still.

It’s almost time to make my move.

I cannot go back.

There is no escaping the present.

My brain begins to run wild, again,

like it never learned its lessons.

I’m sitting on the edge of what I used to be,

and what I could be.

I’d rather be alone,

where the wild things are,

in the comfort of familiarity.

I wish for solitude.

Back to reality.

Eyes ahead.

My body, shaking,

trusting my own heartbeat.

In the midst of life,

recalling wisdom,


smelling fumes and seeing boxes.

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