The sun will soon rise above the shadow.

I close my eyes.

The wind blows.

Chills spread all over my body.


Mind spinning.

As a fallen leaf takes multiple paths before reaching the ground.

So does the mind.

Peace must be reached.


The whole world stands still.

Time to make my move right through.

I cannot go back.

There is no escaping the present.


My mind begins to run wild, again.

Like it never learned lessons.

Sitting on the edge of what I used to be.

And what I could be.


I’d rather be alone in nature.

Where the wild things grow.

Safe and sound with no worries.

What does it take?


Back to reality.

Eyes never straying.

Body shaking.

Listening and trusting my own heartbeat.


In the midst of life.

Recalling wisdom.

Trusting God.

Smelling fumes and seeing boxes.